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Help me to choose!

Android Tablet just hit the market 3 years ago, but now already flooded with thousands of model in the market.

No worry if you are new in Android, we can help you to choose, as the very first step.

Choosing a Tablet
For 3 years we selling tablets, we find out there are 5 major categories of tablet user.
So the first step is to "choose the most-likely category that you will be"!

1)"Formal" User
Mostly formal usage, examples like view or edit MS Office files, PDF, e-mailing, planning, personal diary and etc..
Our advice : get a 7 inch tablet, which has ready Standard USB Port, and mini USB port for Keyboard leather case, which you will need it.

Watch movies, YouTube, Facebook, or to play latest Android games.
Our Advice : Capacitive screen is a MUST, good processor and RAM are important.
Tablet to go for :Shimaro M6, Light Weight Big Screen!

To spend time during train to work/school, or air-bus VIP.
Our advice : Light, slim and small will be your piece of cake. Battery life is important too.
Tablet to go for :Shimaro M6Shimaro P4 or  with a well-designed cover. 

4)For children
Buy Android Tablet for children education purpose, or to let them have one at least since the technology world changing so fast!
Our Advice : Good price will be smart choice, most important is the Apps for them, which most of them are free in Android Market or Google Play.
Tablet to go for : QTab Mini ,or Shimaro Q9 with a cover.

5)Family Tablet
Just to put 1 at home, since Android is suitable for everyone, any age, and most importantly it is influencing the world right now! Social with Apps(Android or Apple) is so common nowadays.
Apps like "Draw Something", Whatsapp, and etc are good tools to connect, in a modern way.
Or mostly to let the elderly to use, to pass their free time.
Our Advice : Go for big screen, friendly for any age, especially elderly.
(We were proud that a lot of customers are happy about their parents able to enjoy Android's games with Tablet)
Tablet to go for : Shimaro M6 1.8 Dual Core


Chosen your category? Let go 2nd step!
2nd step will be the easy one, ---BUDGET!
Most of categories got 2 models to choose from, with price vary.
This choice will be totally up to you, but of course, price and quality are always parallel.


Now chosen your Tablet? 
Ask us for best price then.
Jerry 016 6882426, the final step!

Hope this article did help you to choose!

Jerry Teh from the Tabletshop Malaysia Team.